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People have been traveling to Newport Bay since 1866. It has a rich maritime and commercial fishing history.

The city’s central hub, for tourism and commercial fishing, is its Bayfront. The Bayfront encircles the Yaquina Bay. The serpentine Yaquina River fills the bay with fresh coastal mountain water before it meets its final destination, the Pacific Ocean.

Newport's Bayfront and Yaquina Bay

Newport’s thriving seafood industry dates back to 1862. It was the Yaquina Bay oyster beds that produced the first great profits for the region.

By 1908 a large scale fishing industry, which still exists today, became possible with the development of electricity and the construction of a jetty. Yaquina Bay has been an attractive and accessible port for over a century providing a sustainable income for local residents.

What to see?

Newport’s Bayfront is a bustling area where tourists, locals and the seafood industry coexist. And, on any given day the Bayfront is filled with sea birds, sea lions and seals which often outnumber the tourists.

The Bayfront is where visitors will find some of Oregon Coast’s most popular attractions:

The Bayfront also has a variety of sport fishing and charter boat vendors. And, it’s only a few minutes drive from the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Mo's world famous clam chowder

Oregon Coast’s best selection of gift shops, art galleries, candy shoppes and restaurants¬†are located in the Bayfront area.

Lodging and other accommodations 

Lodging is abundant throughout the city. There’s a wide variety of hotels and motels available, fitting all travel budgets.

Several R.V. Parks and camping locations lie within, and around, the Newport Bay area. Additionally, there are several Bed & Breakfasts and vacation rental options.

It’s advised to make reservations in advance ¬†(at least 6 months) if you plan to travel and stay in Newport Bay during peak months (May thru September). Major U.S.A. holidays and special events draw large crowds and extra visitors to the city.

Off-season months (October thru April) and weekdays are when the best bargains are found.

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